Moving on up

New newsletter letter

Hi there, friends! Thank you for reading this very weird newsletter for the last couple years.

I’ve been thinking about moving on to a different platform to make a More Professional Writer Person Newsletter for a while now, and Substack has recently made the decision easy for me by being a lil’ shady, as explained here by Malinda Lo.

I will now be sending out a monthly author newsletter using Mailchimp instead. I almost simply converted all my subscribers from here to there, but honestly, you might be annoyed with me by this point in the game, if you’ve been subscribed to this Substack for a while. Like, who needs to know every thought in Anita’s brain!! I only signed up for this because I’m your cousin and I want to know when your book comes out!

So, no pressure to sign up for the new newsletter! (Although the new one will likely be less weird than this one was. But still a little weird.)

If you’d like, though, you can go ahead and sign up for the new one here.

Thank you so much for your love and support.



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